This is where we list upcoming programs.  The photo below on the left was taken at a Main Street stroll with the Seattle based Orkestar Zirconium, a fifteen piece band playing Balkan music at a local brew pub. 



Ongoing and upcoming events

Pan Buffalo, a local Trinidadian style steel band meets each Tuesday from 7:00 to 8:30PM at the Union Congregational Church, 122 East Bennett Street, Buffalo, Wyoming.  The group is open to people of all ages and musical backgrounds at no charge to participants.  Pan was traditionally learned by ear with no written music.  While we focus on continuing this oral tradition, we also provide notation to those who learn by reading music.  For more information on playing steel drum, please call David at 307-217-2812.


Our next residential program will combine performances, school visits, and workshops on Trinidadian steel drum and Balinese gamelan, two musical traditions featuring large ensembles and an array of metal instruments that the player strikes with some kind of mallet--beating on things, but not too hard.  Dates are to be announced.